We emerged into this field after 20+ years of hauling bulk commodities throughout the southeast. The company was organized in 1965 and incorporated in the state of Alabama in 1975. We started transporting and specializing in the hazardous/non-hazardous waste business in 1980 and have been providing excellent service to our customers since.



ROBBIE D. WOOD, INC. has been in business since 1965. As of January 1, 2018, ROBBIE D. WOOD INC. has taken on a new venture to become the front runner in the chemical product sector of transportation. Since launching the division, we have opened terminals in Mobile, AL, Wilmington, NC, and Angleton, TX.



In spite of the pandemic, we expect 2023 to be a year of growth and expansion for ROBBIE D. WOOD INC. We hope that you will partner with us as we build on our impeccable reputation and safety record.